Rainbow Over Hell

Tsuneyuki Mohri

Author Bio

Tsuneyuki Mohri (1933—) is an award-winning Japanese author and playwright whose work encompasses fiction and nonfiction books, TV, film, radio, and stage. His dramatic and documentary work often explores issues surrounding war.

A graduate of Kumamoto University, Mohri worked as a contract writer for NHK, Japan’s national TV and broadcast company, before becoming a freelance writer in broadcast and print. Mohri’s 1964 television drama, “The 18th Year Draft,won the first Kubota Mantaro Award. Mohri was scriptwriter and producer of “Summer of Moonlight Sonata,” adapted from his novel of the same title. The movie was a runaway success with over two million viewers throughout Japan in 1993.

Mohri has received numerous awards for his work in broadcast and print, including the following:

  • Kubota Mantaro Award

  • Cultural Ministry Award in Fine Arts

  • Ministry of Education Incentive Award in Fine Arts

  • Prime Minister’s Award

  • Broadcast Cultural Arts Foundation Book Award

  • Galaxy Award 

Mohri is a member of The Japan P.E.N Club, the Japan Centre for International PEN. He lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Selected Work by Tsuneyuki Mohri:

  • Shot to Death: The Murder of the Detective (Shasatsu: Buchokeiji Satsujin Jiken)
    Novel (Kosaido Publishing, 1986)

  • Fly Toward Your Dream: The Story of Astronaut Ellison Onizuka 
    (Yume-ni Mukatte Tobe)
    Documentary (Kodansha Publishing, 1989)

  • Summer of Moonlight Sonata (Gekko-no Natsu)
    Documentary Novel, hardcover (Choubunsha Publishing, 1993)

  • "A Small Forest Requiem" (Chisana Mori-no Rekuiemu)
    Audio-Drama CD (KBC Radio, 1993)

  • "Summer of Moonlight Sonata" (Gekko-no Natsu)
    Stage Drama (Eijinsha Company, 1995)

  • "Summer of Moonlight Sonata" (Gekko-no Natsu)
    Documentary Novel, paperback (Kodansha Publishing, 1995)

  • "Summer of Moonlight Sonata" (Gekko-no Natsu)
    Film (Pony Canyon, 1996)

  • Rainbow Over Hell (Jigoku-no Niji)
    Nonfiction documentary novel (Mainichi Newspapers Co., 1998), Hardcover

  • Never Lose Your Smile (Niji-no Kizuna)
    Nonfiction documentary novel (Mainichi Newspapers Co., 2000)

  • Sea of Moonlight (Gekko-no Umi)
    Novel (Kodansha Publishing, 2001)

  • “The Black Cross of Hiroshima” (Hiroshima-no Kuroi Jujika)
    Audio-Drama CD (RCC Chugoku Broadcast, 2001)

  • Stars in the Blue Sky (Seiten-no Hoshi)
    Novel (Kojinsha Publishing, 2003)

  • Yuki Died at 17 in a Kamikaze Attack (Yuki-wa Junanasai Tokko-de Shinda)
    Nonfiction (Poplar Publishing, 2004)

  • The Piano Knows: Summer of Moonlight Sonata (Piano-wa Shitteru: Gekko-no Natsu)
    Picture Book (Jiyukokuminsha Publishing, 2004)

  • Rainbow Over Hell (Jigoku-no Niji)
    Nonfiction documentary novel (Kodansha Publishing, 2005), Paperback


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